EUGENE HUTZ - Nostalgic For The Future (EP)

The EP of three rare tracks from Eugene Hutz, a living musical legend and unchanging leader of Gogol Bordello, with a track "Chachipen" made in collaboration and with participation of Vadim Kolpakov of Via Romen.

The EP contains three rare tracks by Eugene Hutz. A song "Nostalgic for the Future" in vocal and acoustic instrumental versions is one of his early and rare creations, written and performed by Eugene Hutz. "Chachipen" is a gypsy hip-hop song by E.Hutz and Vadim Kolpakov, dedicated to all Roma (Music written by E.Hutz and Vadim Kolpakov, lyrics by D.Dambrovskiy, V.Kolpakov and E.Hutz).

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