Perkalaba – "Vibes and Fiber". We have been waiting for this release for quite some time. 17 Perkalaba’s masterpieces carefully selected by DJ Derbastler and Zarbazan, of Extra Estrada Soundsystem, cross European collaboration of independent djs and music producers. These tracks represent full-time artistic heritage of this legendary hutzul-folk-ska-punk band from the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine. The selection had been made of 7 albums of Perkalaba of 2005 – 2019. The artistic work of Perkalaba is frequently compared to the gypsy punks band of Gogol Bordello, the music of the Pogues, Goran Bregovic, Element of Crime or Mano Negra. The name of the band comes from the name of the distant hamlet of Perkalaba, small hutzul village in the Ukrainian Carpathians, on the border of the Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, in essence situated in the crossroads of the Ukrainian, Bukovyna’s and Transcarpathian’s ethnically diverse and rich cultures, with an outstanding and unique blend of hutzul social and artistic attitudes. The Perkalaba started as a band in the local underground clubs and then went on public stage in 1998, playing for the first time at the folk-rock festival Chervona Ruta. Since then it became a legendary band, having toured in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Luxembourg, playing at the rock festivals in Europe. Perkalaba’s work as been heavily influenced by their producer Mokh, Alec Gnativ and their legendary late singer Andriy “Fedot” Fedotov (one of the tracks on this compilation – Pilot is created in memoriam of “Fedot”). The musical style of the band is close to ska punk and has a reggae soul, however, it is heavily influenced by the traditional hutzul music. The songs of Perkalaba are heavily influenced by the Carpathian nature and harmony, humour, rasta attitude and esoteric energy of the Carpathians. In 2011 they recorded a new album entitled "Dido" (Grandfather). One of the songs features Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello. Eugene himself is a big fan and friend of Perkalaba. The title of the song is Didoborodaty-2011. The album was presented on 1 December 2011 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Several Ukrainian artists collaborated with Perkalaba – DakhaBrakha, Ruslana Khazipova from Dakh Daughters, one of the tracks in this compilation is a cover of a song from Qarpa and another one is done to commerate a close friend – Kuzma from Braty Gadyukiny. Finally, a remix from DJ Derbastler in the cumbia style gives freshness to the compilation, suggesting a dancing mood. Vibes and Fiber is the first compilation from the intentions of DJ Derbastler and Zarbazan to reproduce historical heritage of influential indie bands from Ukraine, representing non-mainstream musical landscape of the Ukrainian independent soundmaking. More to come soon in 2020!

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Hudaki Village Band

Authentic Carpathian vibrant, ecstatic dance rhythms and mystic ballads creating mood of sacredness, from a truly original ethnic music act.

YO! recorded at Egan Irish Pub’s vault cellar, Uzhhorod in 2017 by Vitaliy Levshakov. Mix and mastering: Denis Yambor, Bambrafone in ZvukoTsekh, Kyiv Sound producer: Anna Ohrimchuk Photo: Oleksandr Glyadyelov Design: Sonia Nechitaylo. Print: Blank Press, Kyiv Special thanks to Anatol Sokolov and the staff of Egan Irish Pub, Uzhhorod.

Biography Founded in 2001, concerts in about 12 European countries. In 2010 Hudaki played at Sziget Festival (Budapest) and won the European Folk Price at Plauen (Germany)

Web-site: https://www.hudaki.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hudakivillageband/

Members of the band: Olga Senynets, vocal, gardon Kateryna Yarynych, vocal Vasyl Rushchak, baraban (percussion) Misha Shutko, violin, vocal Yura Bukovynets, clarinet, taragot, sopilka (shepherds flute) Volodymyr Korolenko, cymbalom Vitaliy Kovach, guitar, vocal Serhiy Kovach, bayan, plonka Volodya Tishler, double bass

Native town: Nyzhnie Selyshche, Ukraine

Press review

The way the audience behaved and responded to the performance clearly demonstrated that that their expectations were exceeded by far. There was dancing, singing, laughing, cheering, and celebrating – all resulting in euphoric applause and calls for encores long after an almost three-hour concert. This music becomes addictive– probably because it’s so vibrant, authentic and moving. There are touching ballads which take you into mystical dream worlds. There are ecstatic rhythms inviting a frenzy of dancing. There are solemn hymns which create a mood of sacredness. The musicians do not only perform a concert, they also show what being a human is all about: above all, that we all have a boundless zest for life, which is always a part of us and which comes out through music, dance and singing. The musicians themselves radiate this joie de vivre. They play, sing and dance as if driven by supernatural forces… Masterful playing and singing is another specificity of those Hudaki who trust the force of traditional music interpreted with soulful deepness, unlike other bands who satisfy the need of temperament with trash, kitsch and elements of show-business. (Thüringer Landeszeitung, August 21, 2017)

From the heart and to the heart With fiery rhythms and melodies, the Hudaki Village Band quickly swept away the daily routine of the audience and spread the pure joy of life. (Seetaler Bote, February 6, 2017)

“As these ballads and archaic sounds fly around the room, you have a feeling of elusive dimensions. Then what you have to do is just open the door to your heart and let this swirling musical tornado in. And it makes you feel so good!“ (Nürtinger Zeitung, November 24, 2014)

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Through the Roof 'n' Underground of Gogol Bordello, from their album Muti Contra Culti vs. Irony (2002) as remixed by Rob Gartza of the Theivery Corporation.

"Through the Roof 'n' Underground" is a track by Gogol Bordello from their second album released in 2002 "Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony". The song also featured in the soundtrack of the 2006 film, Wristcutters: A Love Story "Occurrence on the Border (Hopping on a Pogo-Gypsy Stick)". The remix to the song of Gogol Bordello has been created by Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation. Thievery Corporation is a Washington, D.C. based recording artist and DJ duo consisting of Rob Garza, Eric Hilton, and their supporting artists Rob Myers, Frank 'Booty Lock' Mitchell, Jeff Franca and Ashish Vyas. Their music style mixes elements of dub, acid jazz, reggae, Indian classical, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian (such as bossa nova).

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EUGENE HUTZ - Nostalgic For The Future (EP)

The EP of three rare tracks from Eugene Hutz, a living musical legend and unchanging leader of Gogol Bordello, with a track "Chachipen" made in collaboration and with participation of Vadim Kolpakov of Via Romen.

The EP contains three rare tracks by Eugene Hutz. A song "Nostalgic for the Future" in vocal and acoustic instrumental versions is one of his early and rare creations, written and performed by Eugene Hutz. "Chachipen" is a gypsy hip-hop song by E.Hutz and Vadim Kolpakov, dedicated to all Roma (Music written by E.Hutz and Vadim Kolpakov, lyrics by D.Dambrovskiy, V.Kolpakov and E.Hutz).

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Global Bass Band from Ukraine Members: ☮ Nastka Sonca ✿ Marichka Kvitka Ⓐ DerBastler ✯ Ingvo Genre: Global - Eastern Bass, WorldFusion Electronic,Tropical EthnoTronica, Digital Cumbia, Dub Hometown: Kyiv

Review by Generation Bass blog: "Tasty EP by Mama Diaspora with a nice mix of dirty, electronic cumbia that has a stepping dancefloor vibe. It is tastefully finished off with some lovely vocals and instrumentals that glide seamlessly across Mama´s nice tropical breakbeats. Kolo Richki is a mechanical cumbia roller."

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Derbastler, aka Ivan Moskalenko, is a well-known Ukrainian musician, DJ and producer, one of the founding fathers of the Ukrainian electronic music scene. Extra Estrada Records publishes a compilation of his most recent remixes in Eastern Cumbia style.

DJ Derbastler, also known as Ivan Moskalenko, was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1972. He has started his musical career with a number of musical acts of the Kyiv musical underground, some of which were The Electricians, Yarn, Radiodelo, as well as well-known to Kyiv independent musical scene group Shake Hi-Fi. From 1994 to 2002, he was a member, bass-player and co-producer of the Foa Hoka musical group. In the beginning of 90s he started his professional DJ career, which was most probably originated in his passion for music and his desire to share it with others, especially his friends. Later he became involved with Torba parties, first rave and electronic music parties at the Ukrainian capital. As a DJ he played everywhere throughout Ukraine, in clubs, at open airs, stadiums, for audiences of thousands. He was a founding member of the Radio-Eurasia project (together with a Kyiv-based artist Kirill Protsenko) and took part in numerous festivals and musical events (Dream Game 2001, Kyiv International Media Art Festival 2000 and 2001, New Sound, Venice Biennale, Vienna Grand Art Academy in 2004, etc.). Later, he was a guest DJ at Rebel Minds gallery in Berlin. In 2003 році, Derbastler together with Kirill Protsenko, have found an independent music label - Thermos Records, which has published a groundbreaking electronic music compilation Music for Space Lorry Drivers that was presented to public at the Venice Biennale. Derbastler has produced and mixed music for electronic compilations made by SALE records and CTS music label (“Beautitude lounge”). He was also an author of musical compilations, accompanying fashion shows of Lilia Poustovit, made specially for the Ukrainian Fashion Week and similar fashion events. Derbastler is a member of Mama Diaspora music group, is a music producer and art director at the Extra Estrada Records.

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