Misto 2 Go feat. Yuriy Gurzhy 

We would like to introduce to you a magnificent musical product elaborated and produced by our wonderful friend Yuriy Gurzhy and his young artistic collaborators from the East of Ukraine. This release is a start of the Extra Estrada Records…


Perkalaba – Vibes and Fiber 

We have been waiting for this release for quite some time. 17 Perkalaba’s masterpieces carefully selected by DJ Derbastler and Zarbazan, of Extra Estrada Soundsystem, cross European collaboration of independent djs and music producers. These…


HUDAKI VILLAGE BAND "YO!" 2018 New Album Release Out Now

Nine musicians from the Ukrainian Carpathians, this is the HUDAKI Village Band. Their voices resound with heart and soul during day and night-long wedding parties. Like their forefathers – Jewish, Ruthenian and Romany bands from the Maramures region – they…

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