Perkalaba explains the roots of Ukrainian Carpathian gutsul ska punk with passion, energy and love to music it does.

Perkalaba. Dido (Grandpa) After release of the album "Movlennyek" (the joint project by Moh and Kuzia aka Qzzaargh), I think, something electronic and psychedelic was expected from Perkalaba – just due to inertia. But Perkalaba does not care about inertia, so the album "Dido" – it is something different again. As a surfer has to gulp lots of salt water in order to, at last, without breaking his/her bones, get through the "tunnel" – the same is here. From outside, it seems that in the sense of music Perkalaba, having experienced a lot of different stuff, has returned to the wave it started from – but in fact this is essentially different music played with more or less the same instruments. Such a trick, and it is not the only one here – so I advise you to listen very carefully. You may hear a retrospective journey from the crazy past to the psychedelic present. Maybe – you will visit the Mystical Theater of Shadows on Perforated Cardboard. Maybe – you will wake up with a smile on your lips, because there is no such game that would not cause a smile on lips of an immortal. Maybe – you will just stop hiding from vicissitudes of this life, because only fear immobilizes, while love – changes worlds... Whatever it is – make your choose. Consciously. Of course, one may think of it as another festival of mushrooms and trout – but most likely the mushroom with which the trout could dive into the so transparent has not yet been born..

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog) Year: 2011

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