FOA HOKA feat. EVGEN HODOSH - Forgotten Hit


A fresh and recent 2011 compilation exploring the rhythm and sounds of Extra Estrada Records. Check it out to find out tracks from Chicholina Sound Machine, Mama Diaspora, Perkalaba and Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello, Chord Snatchers and many more.

The fourteen tracks of this magnificently powerful compilation were carefully selected by DJ Derbastler from variety of works produced and published by Extra Estrada Records music label. The tracks include Mama Diaspora vs Yuriy Gurzhy (Secret Agent), Chicholina Sound Machine (Tropical Hungarian March), Perkalaba feat. Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello (Didoborodaty), Chicholina Sound Machine (Polkate), Oleg Skrypka Electro Swing Remix by Alexey Gorchitza and Alexander Lysokobylko (Jak Pochujesh), Perkalaba (Didograje), Mama Diaspora vs Yuriy Gurzhy (Back in My Hometown), Chicholina Sound Machine (Can't Clone Grandma'), Perkalaba (Tikobyvyhotily Derbastler Tropical Remix), Mama Diaspora vs Yuriy Gurzhy (Something's Changing), Foa Hoka feat. Evgen Hodosh (Forgotten Hit), Mama Diaspora (Carefree Melody Eastern Cumbia Derbastler Remix), Chord Snatchers feat. Yuri Lemeshev of Gogol Bordello (Silver Skyline) and The Ritmless (Skazka). Enjoy them!

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