LEO - Melody Roads


Breathtaking Extra Estrada Records No. 3 compilation is out now!!! Enjoy Eastern European Dance Party to the most!!! Audiophiles and dance lovers get the taste of vibrating sound, rhythmic and melodic grooves of Extra Estrada Records.

A new compilation featuring Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello and Vadim Kolpakov of ViaRomen, Mama Diaspora feat. Yuriy Gurzhy, 33A, Rotfront remixes, Hudaki Village Band, Warma, Max Chorny, Grozovska Band, AltoPeru, Derbastler, Leo and Chord Snatchers feat. Yuri Lemeshev and many many more. Discover new tracks from the known artists and the best from the well-established patriarchs of Eastern European, South American, Caucausian and world musical culture. Enjoy the rhythm and melody from Extra Estrada to the most!

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