The super review of the year 2014 compilation by Extra Estrada Records.

Another breathtaking Extra Estrada Records No. 4 compilation is out now!!! Enjoy Eastern European Dance Party to the most!!! Audiophiles and dance lovers get the taste of vibrating sound, rhythmic and melodic grooves of Extra Estrada Records. Genre: World: Eastern European Release Date: December 2014

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MAMA DIASPORA vs YURIY GURZHY - Eastern Cumbia Remixes

Derbastler, aka Ivan Moskalenko, is a well-known Ukrainian musician, DJ and producer, one of the founding fathers of the Ukrainian electronic music scene. Extra Estrada Records publishes a compilation of his most recent remixes in Eastern Cumbia style.

DJ Derbastler, also known as Ivan Moskalenko, was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1972. He has started his musical career with a number of musical acts of the Kyiv musical underground, some of which were The Electricians, Yarn, Radiodelo, as well as well-known to Kyiv independent musical scene group Shake Hi-Fi. From 1994 to 2002, he was a member, bass-player and co-producer of the Foa Hoka musical group. In the beginning of 90s he started his professional DJ career, which was most probably originated in his passion for music and his desire to share it with others, especially his friends. Later he became involved with Torba parties, first rave and electronic music parties at the Ukrainian capital. As a DJ he played everywhere throughout Ukraine, in clubs, at open airs, stadiums, for audiences of thousands. He was a founding member of the Radio-Eurasia project (together with a Kyiv-based artist Kirill Protsenko) and took part in numerous festivals and musical events (Dream Game 2001, Kyiv International Media Art Festival 2000 and 2001, New Sound, Venice Biennale, Vienna Grand Art Academy in 2004, etc.). Later, he was a guest DJ at Rebel Minds gallery in Berlin. In 2003 році, Derbastler together with Kirill Protsenko, have found an independent music label - Thermos Records, which has published a groundbreaking electronic music compilation Music for Space Lorry Drivers that was presented to public at the Venice Biennale. Derbastler has produced and mixed music for electronic compilations made by SALE records and CTS music label (“Beautitude lounge”). He was also an author of musical compilations, accompanying fashion shows of Lilia Poustovit, made specially for the Ukrainian Fashion Week and similar fashion events. Derbastler is a member of Mama Diaspora music group, is a music producer and art director at the Extra Estrada Records.

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Mama Diaspora's album features Yuriy Gurzhy of Rotfront. The long awaited full album comes after several EPs released by Mama Diaspora (composed of Igor Sakac (aka DJ Ingvo), Eugene Didic (trumpet) and Ivan Moskalenko (aka DJ Derbastler)).

A full album release from Mama Diaspora featuring Yuriy Gurzhy finally available for downloads. World Balkan Pop Dancing Party is on!

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An EP of remixes of hits Sovietoblaster and Red Mercedez by the Rotfront musical group. Remixes in exquisite style offered by Mama Diaspora and Derbastler.

An EP of remixes offered by Mama Diaspora and Derbastler of a number one world music act in Germany, originating from Berlin. Rotfront features the Ukrainian DJ Yuriy Gurzhy and the Hungarian musician Simon Wahorn performing a mix of Soviet easy listening, Hungarian rock’n’roll, Gipsy music, reggae, ska, klezmer and hip-hop.

In 7 years of existence the Emigrantski Raggamuffin Kollektiv have created a phenomenal appearance in the scene. Rolling back boundaries is RotFront’s mission – and in that sense they are a political band. They may not talk the talk, but they certainly walk the walk: instead of singing about politics, they actually live the easy-going, harmonious interaction of nationalities, ethnicities, musical genres and cultures. And it works. A Ukrainian, two Hungarians, an Australian and five Germans mix Ska, Reggae, Dancehall and Cumbia sounds with Klezmer, Berlin’s own in-your-face brand of Hiphop, Eastern European Turbopolka, Mediterranean melodies and rock riffs. Guitarists and vocalists Yuriy Gurzhy and Simon Wahorn were joined by bombastic brass/woodwind trio Max Bakshish (clarinet and saxophone), Dan Freeman (saxophone) and Anke Luchs (trombone) with drummer Jan Pfennig (a legend in the Berlin Drum'n'Bass-scene, with a band called Human Sampler), fabulous female vocalist Dorka Gryllus (a Hungarian actress who has appeared in Sam Garbarsky’s “Irina Palm”, Wolfgang Murnberger’s “Der Knochenmann” and Fatih Akin’s latest film “Soul Kitchen”), and while he is the youngest band member, Mad Milian, is a name to watch out for in the Berlin HipHop scene.

The first album „Emigrantski Raggamuffin“, (supported by Initiative Musik) pitchforked the band high as a skyscraper: From fully packed Kaffee Burger (Berlin) the musicians stepped on international festival stages. RotFront was seen as headliner on Fusion (DE), Sziget (HU), Path Of Peace (IT), Konzerthaus Wien (AU) Arriano Folk Festival (IT), Winterthurer Musik Festwochen (CH) and Helsinki Flow Festival (FIN). In July 2010 the band was awarded with the German Worldmusic Award RUTH: „RotFront convince not only in representing their own story, they act as catalyst for many sounds of immigration.“

„Rotfront provides a soundtrack for a globalisation party, which is currently being held not only in the german capital“ taz

The sound of RotFront is no longer just world music, it’s an a urban sound of the new world. „Our music“, says Gurzhy, „is be a model of a ideal modern society: someday nationalities will be irrelevant“,

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The original Mama Diaspora vs. Yuriy Gurzhy track DJ is Drunk, with groovy remixes from DJ Derbastler, Daboo and Cafe de Calaveras.

Mama Diaspora vs Yuriy Gurzhy: Mama Diaspora vs Yuriy Gurzhy is a supergroup in the original sense of the word (composed of Igor Sakach and Ivan Moskalenko aka Derbastler) – each of the four bandmembers is active in his own project(s), everyone of them has his own long story in music. You could call their music International Global Beat, World Fusion, or maybe TropicalBalkanoMoldavanoNewWaveDub.

Mama Diaspora met Yuriy Gurzhy three years ago. In the time that passed since their first encounter they released 2 EPs and an album “DJ is Drunk” (2011), that features songs “Secret Agent” and “Back in My Hometown”, already included in compilations in Ukraine, Italy and Germany.

Derbastler: Ivan Moskalenko (Derbastler) is well-known as a Ukrainian DJ, musician, music producer, Ukrainian club and rave pioneer, and a legend of the Ukrainian musical underground. Ivan has closely collaborated with such groups as Gogol Bordello and its leader Eugene Hutz, RotFront and Yuriy Gurzhy, having produced remixes for the groups. Ivan’s influence on the musical style of Mama Diaspora’s works is essential.

CafeDeCalaveras: Tommi aka "Cafe de Calaveras" became "famous y notorious" with his BalkanBeatz in the Netherlands, but now back to his true love WORLD 2.0, anything from all around the globe but with good energy – played from the heart! Musica Mestizaje, Gypsy, Cumbia, Tropikal Bass, Kuduro, Raï, GhettoTech, Reggae, Moombahton whatever.. These days foremost back to his roots! Musica Latino! But not just salsa : also mestizo, cumbia, reggaeton, bailefunk, merengue, latinska and so on.. All the ol’time favorites but also the new bangers – freshly imported during travelling in Europa y LatinoAmerica!

Played with artist like : Che Sudaka, Shantel, Goran Bregovic, Balkan Beat Box, Gogol Bordello, Mala Vita, El Gran Silencio, Amsterdam Klezmer Band & the list goes on...

Besides being a resident DJ in the Netherlands at the Melkweg Amsterdam, Ekko Utrecht, Tivoli Utrecht & LowLands Festival, Tommi played in Mexico City, Bucharest, Barcelona, Istanbul, Antwerp, Berlin, Stockholm, London y mas..

Daboo: Daboo is a Rocky Balkan Boy, based in the Lowlands of Holland with a mission to unite people through music and positive vibrations. Active on the scene as a producer for more then 15 years now, of which last couple he is exclusively making bass music, pushing the envelope of deeper & energetic bass driven cross genres of dub&bass, dubstep, drumstep, ambient and trap with a touch of WORLD 2.0. Nowadays DJ Daboo is making a fresh turn on the table, utilizing the power of Ableton Live with Launchpad for live performances & hosting a BASS TREK radio show on bassport.FM every second Tuesday.

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MAMA DIASPORA vs YURIY GURZHY - Back In My Hometown ( Version 2013)


Breathtaking Extra Estrada Records No. 3 compilation is out now!!! Enjoy Eastern European Dance Party to the most!!! Audiophiles and dance lovers get the taste of vibrating sound, rhythmic and melodic grooves of Extra Estrada Records.

A new compilation featuring Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello and Vadim Kolpakov of ViaRomen, Mama Diaspora feat. Yuriy Gurzhy, 33A, Rotfront remixes, Hudaki Village Band, Warma, Max Chorny, Grozovska Band, AltoPeru, Derbastler, Leo and Chord Snatchers feat. Yuri Lemeshev and many many more. Discover new tracks from the known artists and the best from the well-established patriarchs of Eastern European, South American, Caucausian and world musical culture. Enjoy the rhythm and melody from Extra Estrada to the most!

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